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Good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Social Media Marketing takes time. There is no SEO magic bullet, it takes research, monitoring, analyzing, and adapting over time. 
We offer the following SEO services:
Competitor Analysis - We will analyze your primary competitors for keywords usage and how we might optimize your site to better compete in the marketplace.
Keyword Research - Keyword research is critical for good SEO. Your site’s content should be relevant to the site visitors and use plenty of search keywords. What keywords and phrases do you think your customers will most likely use when searching for information about your goods or services? You need to start by making a master list of all the keywords and phrases that you can think of. You can also do a search of your competitors to see what keywords and phrases they are using. 
On-Site SEO – We will make sure that your website content is optimized for maximum exposure in Google and other search engines.  This includes, but is not limited to: 
Off-Site SEO – We will make sure that your SEO strategy extends past just your website including:
Local SEO – We will make sure that your site is optimized to find local customers. One of the primary ways to do this is through creating a keyword list of local terms that people might use in their searches and to makes sure that those keywords are used in your site.
Google Algorithm Monitoring – Google is constantly changing how their ranking algorithms rank websites. We monitor these changes and make necessary adjustments to your website code and content.
Google Analytics & Traffic Monitoring – On a monthly basis, we will produce a report showing: 

Prices & Services

One Time Services

SEO Audit Report
$399 (10 hours of research and report generation)
We can start with a general SEO Research Report, which looks at your website and gives advice as to what you can do to increase your SEO results.
  • Setting up Google Analytics and Webmaster tools and Analyzing Results
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Research and Analysis
  • On-Site Analysis and Recommendations
SEO Audit Report and Implementation
$1,200 (SEO Audit Report PLUS 20 hours of Consulting)

We will create the SEO Audit Report and then consult with you to implement the most important recommendations, including: 
  • Everything in SEO Audit Report
  • Creating XML Site-map to submit to Google and other search engines
  • Submitting your site to major search engines, including creation of XML site-map
  • Making On-Site changes to web content and Code
  • Helping setup Off-Site SEO options such as Facebook, twitter, Linked In

Monthly Services

The Economy and Bronze packages require an SEO Audit Report, in order to begin services.
Economy - Our economy package is for small businesses which have a very limited budget. It is mostly a reporting package with very little hands-on work.
Bronze - Our bronze package is for small businesses that derive a small portion of their business from their online presence. This account has a few hours dedicated to hands-on updates.
Silver - Our silver package is for small businesses which derive a decent proportion of their business activity from their online presence. With this account, we have a decent amount of time to dedicate to your SEO and Social Marketing efforts on a weekly basis.
Gold - Our gold package is for businesses which derive a significant amount of their business from their online presence. With this account, we have a significant amount of time to dedicate to your SEO and Social Marketing efforts on a daily basis.
Comparison Chart
Monthly Fee
Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools Data Review
Website Review (Content, Broken Links, Broken Images, XML Sitemap)
Updates on Changes in Google Algorithm and Industry Standards
Monthly Graph Showing Progress in Search Engine Rankings, Visitors, and Back-Links
Monthly Keyword Review
Manage PPC Campaigns
Online Directory Management (Yelp, Yahoo Local, Google Maps)
Accessibility Monitoring (make sure that your site is displaying properly on all popular devices)
Back-Links and Cross-Linking Recruiting
Bimonthly Competitor Review
Reputation Management & Back-Links Reporting
Social Media Management (Blog posts, Facebook, twitter, Linked-In)
Bimonthly Competitor Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is SEO really as important as people make it out to be?
A: Yes. What good is it to have a website if no one knows it is there? Your website needs to be easily found by existing and potential customers.
Q: Can I just do this on my own?
A: It is not impossible, but keep in mind that it takes a significant amount of time and technical knowledge. Do you have the time? We keep up with all the latest trends so that we can share that knowledge with all of our clients. Your time is probably best spent with serving your clients’ needs. Do you have the technical knowledge? If Google changes the way they want their XML site-map structured, can you do that?
Q: In looking for an SEO Consulting Service, what should I look out for?
A: Be on the lookout for guarantees. We normally want guarantees in life, but beware of promises such as: 
Not only are these people trying to rip you off, but they might get your site blacklisted and completely destroy your online presence.
Q: How soon will it be before I start seeing results?
A: This is impossible to know, but usually in the first few months with a well-rounded and executed SEO strategy.
Q: Will my rankings change overtime?

A: Yes, your competitors are probably working just as hard as you are to improve their rankings. Also, Google is constantly changing their ranking algorithms. This is why a one-time solution does not really work. You need to be making adjustments on a monthly basis. 

More Information: Introduction to Social Networking and Search Engine Optimization

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