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CF_ContentManager Introduction
CF_ContentManger is an affordable, easy to use, yet powerful web-based content management system. Over the last 8 years, we have built/designed over 30 customized content management systems for various companies, organizations, and governments. CF_ContentManager is the culmination of everything we have learned while building and testing those systems. This product uses the Macromedia ColdFusion Language and will work with either Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL 7 databases.

What makes CF_ContentManager so special?
While there are many content management systems currently on the market, we have found that most content management systems are either too limited to solve the needs of clients or they are over-engineered, over-priced, and unusable. Since we have built many custom content management systems over the years, we have learned how clients work and what they need from a web-based content management system:

  • Ease Of Use - Many of our clients have bought very expensive content managment systems, only to abandon them a few months later because they were too difficult to maintain. With CF_ContentManager, your HR staff will be able to login and add job postings to your website easily, without any knowledge of HTML.

  • Security - When letting various members of your staff make changes and updates to your corporate website, security and control are very important. CF_ContentManager provides both Individual- and Group-based security on a page-by-page basis.

  • Flexibility - One problem with the more expensive Content Management Systems is that customization is very limited, if not impossible. With CF_ContentManager you can purchase the Open Source Code version so that your IT department can create the new features for your site, or you can always hire us to add any new features you might need.

  • Stability - CF_ContentManager is written in the Macromedia ColdFusion. Macromedia ColdFusion powers some of the largest, most dynamic sites on the internet.

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